Bala Park Island

An island temple in reverence to its site.

CUCCO engineering + design takes pride in this Muskoka Island Cottage because it captures the essence of structure and architecture integrated as one.

Please feel free to to take a tour through these projects and enjoy them for what they are, harmonious building designs in harmony with their site and tuned to their client's dreams and aspirations. We give special thanks to all of the creative designers and architects that make all of these projects so beautiful.

We here at CUCCO engineering + design are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate on such special places in a team approach for these visionary clients.

Please feel free to email us at if you are interested in having us on your team. I can be reached at 416-659-8115 and I will personally be your guide and engineer in the realization of your dream project.

Thank you

Christpher D. Cucco, P.Eng