Claude Watson School of the Arts

As project engineer for a previous employer on this remarkable project, we (the team of Architect, Mechanical Engineer and Structural Engineer) carefully assembled a building out of its parts and in the end the whole was of another order.

Structurally, the bones of reinforced masonry, precast concrete slabs, structural steel framing and reinforced concrete were exposed and a clear expression of forces. Collaboration, integration of consultants and many long meetings were spent doing our best to make this an inspiring school.

The projecting roof and honeycomb assemblage over the outdoor theatre are primary expressions of place making for Kohn Schnier Architects. This is probably the single best work of urban school architecture in Toronto and probably the whole country.

It has received awards and will alway be close to my heart as an example of what a team can do if all they care about is making great buildings for the citizenry of our urban places.